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What You Wear Defines Who You Are

I think growing up in a sunny warm state has made me see color and fashion differently. A lot of the places I have visited just got for some, jeans & t-shirts with basic colors. Or some darker shades of colors.

Here in San Diego you get a lot of vibrant colors of clothing. Though maybe not as much as places like Florida or the likes.

Yet, I still find it hard to find the right color of emerald.

Emerald green is so pretty.

But with greens it can be pretty tricky. It's really annoying the way that fashion industry gets fixated with a really narrow color palette. Because it is near impossible to find colors outside of that range.

It's just endless gutlessness of brands who are terrified to deviate away from what trend forecasters say that people want. How many pink shirts do I need? I'm so sick to death of blush/ pink.

I've never been into pink and I can just not buy pink things. But I'm so sick of seeing it and the fact that color options for clothes these days are cream, pink or black just makes me crazy.

I'm just bored of seeing insipid, boring colors everywhere and everyone thinking that they look so sophisticated and classic in boring colors that are going to date just like lime green and turquoise did.

Clearly this is an emotional topic for me.

One thing that I have begun doing, and this has been working well for me: I shop at thrift stores. There is a literal rainbow to choose from.

Many thrift stores will organize their racks by color as a unifying element for a ton of disparate styles, which makes the shopping experience fun and entertaining. And I get to look at a certain range of color!

When I'm thrifting, I seek out only my chosen colors as a way to narrow my focus and limit the overwhelm of choices. I grab anything in my best colors and my size, head to the mirror, and hold it up to see if I like it on me.

A quick binary of yes or no eliminates about half of the stuff I grabbed.

Then at other times I'll fiddle with the "yes" items to chose a few that are good quality, fit, condition, and filling a gap in my wardrobe.

Since $1 to $5 recycled clothing is perfect for guilt-free impulse purchases of fantasy styles it makes the experience extra rewarding. When I sort out my collection I will take them back to the Goodwill and donate them. This way they get double out of my purchase.

Like this I can feel comfortable selecting clothing which is my color, my size, but not my style. Other times I will decide to attempt an item in a color that I usually look terrible in by looking at all of the items in that color family and choosing one that is an okay shade for me.

For example, I own a thrifted cropped burgundy sweater in angora wool with embroidery and beading around the shoulders.

I would never buy such a thing new because angora is straight up unethical and that sort of detailing is a trend led design feature which clearly dates an item. But in this instance it clearly looks like it’s an 80s jumper, from the 80s.

So no problems with it looking dated because that is the one thing that makes it desirable to wear in the first place.

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A Horse Of A Different Color

Or A Neopet

I've been playing the game for years! I have my main pets, then always have one lab pet.

I try to get well-named ones as well. More on that later*

Pretty much any painted pet will get adopted. Any color is better than a basic, so I'm sure you'd get interest for basically anything. And as a seasoned player I think it's nice for those who are just starting out and want the "prestige" of owning a painted pet.

Some good ones are faerie, woodland, halloween, zombie and so on. But I'd suggest picking a well named pet to zap. A name like thrtjhre_432 won't get much interest, even if it has been painted well.

The labray is a fun addition to the game, I love it when I get a new color! It makes using it so exciting.


I know some people look for owners but, honestly, I am lazy and just send them out into the world again.

I keep a list- pet name, when I adopted, when I put them back in, and what color and stats they had when adopted. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I find that a new owner has dressed them up and given them a nice customization

It's fun to check up on them.

On the downside, it's kind of disappointing when I get a really rare zap and the first person out of several asking for it, gets it. Then when I go and check up on the pet see that they stoped playing Neopets and just left the pet to rot.

Catch and Release

Sometimes when I get a color/pet that I don't want to keep for myself I just release it back into the pound.

I don't tell my Neofriends, but in the past when I "abandon" a pet that might be of interest. I had the peace of mind knowing that they will eventually get adopted.

Picking A Good Name

Names are important in NP and picking one that doesn't sound random is what most consider "good." But here are some other tips:

  • No numbers or underscores
  • Pronounceable
  • 4-6 Letters are preferred (by some people at least)
  • Real words are popular
  • Even some misspelled words are (again by some people) considered nice.
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A lot of the best games just so happen to be some of the oldest. For one hide-and-seek and tag can be observed in not just early human childhood but also in other members of the animal kingdom.

According to the Encyclopedia of Play In Today's Society, it can be traced back as far as 2nd Century Greece.

Julius Pollux apparently described a game called Apodidraskinda, which involved choosing one player who would keep their eyes shut for a set time, and then try to find the other players. But this was a variant of the game where everyone else tried to make their way back to the starting point (with the first person there becoming the new "seeker").

There's lots of evidence of the game being well-established in Elizabethan England, again with slight variations.

The game "King By Your Leave," for example, was exactly the same as Apodidraskinda. In 1572, Richard Huloet described it as:

"A playe that children have, where one sytting blyndefolde in the midle, bydeth so tyll the rest have hydden themselves, and then he going to seeke them, if any get his place in the meane space, that same is kynge in his roome."

There are also two likely references to hide-and-seek-like games in Shakespeare: one in Love's Labors Lost, when Biron says "All hid, all hid; an old infant play," and one in Hamlet, when Hamlet makes a reference to a hide-and-seek-like game called Hide and Fox when he says "Hide Fox, and All After" (in reference to Polonius' body).

The answer to how old the game is falls under one of the many questions which I don't think ever will be answered.

Simply because it's pretty much a given that they existed before the existence of written records. You won't find find physical traces of children playing hide and seek they same way you can find physical traces of people using stone tools.

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Gilmore Girls

For many fans of the Gilmore Girls season five barely makes the cut. But, and I am aware that this will be an unpopular opinion, my favorite season of the show is five.

I was Just so excited to see Lorelai and Luke together after Raincoats and Recipes, this is when they are at their best together.

I really like the Emily and Richard split up dynamic because their vows's renew was such amazing. Paris became a pleasing character to watch and I began to like her as opposed to the previous seasons.

I like that it's pretty serialized, and I like Rory's character development and how they show her and Lorelai becoming very different.

My problem with season 5 was that it's good as a overall season but the only knockout episode in it for me at least was Wedding Bell Blues.

Season 5 is a pretty nice season, one I look forward to watching, and it always succeeds in putting a smile on my face. I always rewatch the whole show though because each part has its own merit.

Still I love the later seasons because I think the maturity level is generally higher but I also think the earlier seasons are super cozy and warm.

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Skin Care After Swimming

Irritated? Itchy? Blotchy? Spotty? Dry? Burning? My skin gets pretty uncomfortable after I get out of the pool. I think that most people have some effects from the chlorine but not all effects are the same or the same intensity.

For me goggles are a must. With the goggles, some people are very prone to getting red marks from contact. Though that wasn't really my problem it was water contact.

My face is slightly dry, it feels like it's burning (no it really is not that painful in fact I was say that it is just annoying) and it looks slightly redder then usual. I'm not huge into skincare but I know what works and what does not.

My solution was a mild cleanser. Now I use a face rinse afterwards so that I can wash off sweat, chemicals and other pool debris. If your skin is irritated after swimming, washing with a towel will irritate it further.

Don't scrub.

You will just hurt your skin it will cause abrasions for bacteria.

Also you should be showering afterwards but in medium temp water, never hot water. The reason should be simple enough, hot water can irritate your skin further. It also opens your pores up and gives bacteria a chance to gain hold. As I said, make sure that you apply a lotion afterwards. Neutrogena is a good brand to try out.

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So You’re Cute – Get Over It

I've always been confused by the fact that guys constantly call girls they find attractive cute but refuse to believe that a girl might use the word the same way. I've never, ever met a guy irl (until today) who doesn't know that a girl calling a guy cute means she thinks he's attractive.

I call my boyfriend adorable all the time, and I am immensely attracted to him.

Long-story-short-moment. I was with my best friend and she was introducing us (me and my boyfriend) to her new boyfriend. Over the course of the afternoon it came up that my boyfriend in my opinion/eyes is cute/adorable.

My friend's boyfriend thought that that was hilarious and began teasing my boyfriend for being "asexual."

a·dor·a·ble (-dôr-bl, -dr-)

  1. Delightful, lovable, and charming: an adorable set of twins.
  2. Worthy of adoration.

"Adorable" and "sexy/handsome" aren't mutually exclusive. He new bf can go fuck off. Adorable is just as great of a compliment as any of the other words.

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Be Happy People

I lived, I loved; I was here.

The concept of you is simple. Even if you died tomorrow, you happened.

You existed.

You are a concept that the laws of the universe allowed to materialize.

All the beauty that is you is cemented into the fabric of reality. You will die, everyone that knew you will die, humanity will die, the earth will die, the sun will die, the universe will die.

But no amount of time will negate the fact that your life was real.

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Volcanic Activity

People seem to think that there are a lot of volcanoes erupting lately. It might be from the Clustering Illusion which states:

The clustering illusion is the tendency to erroneously consider the inevitable "streaks" or "clusters" arising in small samples from random distributions to be non-random. The illusion is caused by a human tendency to underpredict the amount of variability likely to appear in a small sample of random or semi-random data.

In conjunction with Cognitive Bias related to the amount of coverage the eruptions are receiving right now from the media.

Cognitive bias states:

A cognitive bias is a systematic pattern of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment. Individuals create their own "subjective social reality" from their perception of the input. An individual's construction of social reality, not the objective input, may dictate their behaviour in the social world. Thus, cognitive biases may sometimes lead to perceptual distortion, inaccurate judgment, illogical interpretation, or what is broadly called irrationality.

This leads to Apophenia a universal human tendency to seek patterns in random information.

Apophenia is the tendency to perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things. Confirmation bias is a variation of apophenia. The term (German: Apophänie) was coined by psychiatrist Klaus Conrad in his 1958 publication on the beginning stages of schizophrenia.

The current level of volcanic activity is normal.

On average, there are usually ~20 volcanoes in some stage of erupting at any given time.

The recent eruptions in Hawaii and the recent one in Guatemala which have been deemed news worthy are not connected.

So the short answer it's just the coverage and/or the fact that these two eruptions are happening in populated places and that both are being filmed a lot by locals.

As for the rates, you can check out the Smithsonian weekly eruption report to get a sense that there are lots of eruptions going on that aren't making the news. When you go back into the archives, which span ~18 years, you can get a somewhat qualitative sense that this number of currently erupting volcanoes is not out of the ordinary. As a side note, this is not quite real time, so this is the summary for last week so it doesn't yet include the eruption in Guatemala.

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My Favorite Time of Year

To be completely honest, I fall for the charms of all four seasons. It is hard to pick one above the other, and it seems like it is only truly possible if you aren't currently in it. I love spring. But we're in the middle of it now and with its flirtatious colors and the first hint of longer days. It makes it pretty attractive.

My mother is big on spring. Mainly because all of her plants start coming up out of the ground.

In the last couple of years she began to plant mainly perennials so she gets the added benefit of only needing to plant it once.

Summer, seductive with its broad display of produce and extra vacation time, and winter, with its cozy clothes and generous sprinkling of holiday cheer.

What I'm saying is it's possibly going to be contradicted, in that case chalk it up to my fickle nature and please disregard it.

I enjoy biking around town during this time of year.

I love that autumn is earthy. I love fall foliage. I love that it starts to rain. It's the perfect time to prepare a cup of tea, take a blanket into the living room and read stretched out on the sofa wrapped in my soft blanket. I can choose between sneakers or boots, pants or a skirt.

I love that instead of flowers I use pumpkins as decorations.

It's all about autumn.

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Is It A Phobia?

I developed totally irrational adult onset fear of flying. I'm convinced I'm going down and turbulence has me grabbing the arm rest, closing my eyes and preparing for life to flash before my eyes.

The problem is I absolutely live to travel.

The days of being able to volunteer for your passage on the oceans are over. Tickets for a long distance ocean voyage are expensive. The fact that you have to attend safety training of how to put on a survival suit in a set amount of time goes to show how serious it is.

Frankly I think flying is much safer but everyone is different.

By land well you can train it, bus it or hitch hike. Some places are more connected and cheaper than other but via land there are many ways.

You could travel the world via sea and land but for that I just don't have enough money. For me, flying = fear and so it was North and Central America only. Sure that is a lot to explore. But it was also expensive. I got over my fear and now love it.

I realized in that moment that my fear of flying was rooted in feeling like I was in control.

When you sit in an aluminum tube 6 miles above the ground going 600 mph, the last thing you feel is in control. So I managed to trick my mind into ceding that control for a moment, and I shocked myself by actually having fun on a flight!

My only advice to be able to get over this phobia is to seek some professional help and go from there.

PS. At least I am not afraid of spiders.